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Space exploration: pave the way for scientific ambition.

Desiring to go into space is a child’s dream. And tomorrow, we may be able to live elsewhere in this vast universe. Thanks to the extent of its skills, Comat makes a commitment to help you in your scientific and exploration projects. We meet the various new concepts and needs that will probably enable to live on the Moon or in microgravity. Indeed, Comat is aware of space conditions such as the different dangers incurred, usable materials or potential shocks, and thus can contribute to your project.

Our expertise consists in covering all development phases: from specifications, engineering system, manufacturing, qualification, certification to flight operations support. (cf. the Blob Container or the Télémaque pliers).

Sébastien Barde, Sciences and Exploration Sub-Director at the French Space Agency, warmly thanks Comat for its collaboration with his institution. According to him, it is the « exploration dream beyond the scientific results that pushes thousands of French people to follow Thomas Pesquet’s experiments. » (First, through the Proxima, now the Alpha missions).

Expertise and development of technologies and experiments for microgravity.

Expertise and development of technologies and experiments for microgravity.


Cité de l'espace and Comat sign a partnership.

A few days before Perseverance rover's touchdown on Mars, Cité de l’espace and Comat signed a partnership convention on January 22, 2021. For more than 45 years, Comat has been involved in space exploration and in the regional industry. The company takes part in the major missions led by the main national and international space organisations. Now, it supports Cité de l’espace in the creation of two new exhibition areas.

Perseverance rover's successful touchdown.

"After a long travel (more than 200 days!) the Mars rover equipped with the SuperCam camera (made in Toulouse, France), is able to begin its mission: “Finding out signs of life on Mars”. Comat was in the front row to follow this event in real time. The French Space Agency entrusted Comat with the industrialisation and manufacturing of the SuperCam camera case. Comat’s teams then took part in the assembly and tests, together with CNES and IRAP’s teams."

Lunar dust removal.

Within the scope of future returns to the Moon, ESA is investigating how to remove lunar dust, because of its abrasiveness and toxicity. The Agency selected Comat to lead a collaborative project with ONERA, which aims at assessing the feasibility of removing lunar or martian dust (especially from optical elements), thanks to electrodynamic methods.



INEPPSS Project – Integration of the module of Electric Propulsion (Plasma Jet Pack) on the Platform Small Satellite

Collaborative project of development and integration

The Occitanie Region supports the INEPPSS Program and is involved in its co-funding on the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) in the context of a call-for-proposals contract READYNOV Aerospatial and cutting-edge industries

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Project co-funded by the ERDF

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