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Innovation and industrialisation: make space more accessible.

Our products are designed to take into account environmental stakes in terms of production and assembly. In addition, they answer the needs of the most demanding launch environments to ensure the greatest flexibility for our customers’ missions. Committed to supporting the development of this sector and related commercial applications, our products are designed to maximize the operating times of the orbital segment. Architectures are defined with a target operating time of more than 8 years.

All our product technologies are developed using the building block concept. The selection and testing of the industrial components that make up our building blocks are ensured thanks to in-depth knowledge of space environments and associated physics. The use and adaptation of these industrial components are the keystone of our development on this competitive market characterized by innovative codes.

Development, manufacturing, integration and tests of space mechanisms.

Development, manufacturing, integration and tests of space mechanisms.


Reaction Wheel RW40

The Comat RW40 wheel is now the unique nanosat reaction wheel qualified for 8 years of operation in space, offering a very safe mission to all satellite primes.

Deployable structures

For Kinéis, Comat designs, develops and assembles deployable antennas, allowing the nanosatellite to ensure its IoT communication mission. Following the development of this antenna, Comat offers a new line of products: "Deployable Structures"

OneWeb radiators

Management of the whole supply chain of radiators. Serial assembly of 900+ radiators in our facilities. ISO7 assembly. 54 parts of equipment per month.



INEPPSS Project – Integration of the module of Electric Propulsion (Plasma Jet Pack) on the Platform Small Satellite

Collaborative project of development and integration

The Occitanie Region supports the INEPPSS Program and is involved in its co-funding on the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) in the context of a call-for-proposals contract READYNOV Aerospatial and cutting-edge industries

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Project co-funded by the ERDF

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