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The NANOBOOM is a high-ratio deployable mast system designed for smallsats.
It offers compactness, extending up to 10 times its folded size, combined with high stiffness & accommodation of the cables to be shipped.

Customizable to meet mission needs, it excels in performance and adaptability.

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Our NANOBOOM is specially designed to meet the needs of space missions in terms of system deployment and remoteness :

  • sensors,
  • flexible solar generators,
  • antennas,
  • etc…

Main benefits

  • Small size: innovative design, extremely compact when folded (2U),
  • High deployment ratio: Expandable up to 10 times its folded size,
  • Cable management: Notches to protect cables (multi-strand coaxial, fiber optic, twisted pair) in folded position,
  • Low mass: 2 kg in launch configuration (storage envelope with HRA and harness),
  • Low cost: System composed of repeated identical segments,
  • Launching system (self-deploying and self-locking): Equipped with a hold-to-release mechanism (HDRM) and adjustable motor force to guarantee ECSS motor margins.
  • Non-magnetic materials if required


  • Size: Custom radius and length,
  • Materials: Peek: non-magnetic / Titanium: stiffer and more precise (flight stability).


No-load mass

Mast: 1.4 kg
Storage envelope with HRA: 0.6 kg

Max payload weight

Up to 2kg
(depending on material and mast size)

Volume / 2U

Storage envelope: 100 mm².
Mast structure: 96 x L mm².
Stowed: Lo=208 mm
Extended : Ld=2041( mm

(Natural PEEK version)

Motorization force

Nominal: 5 N
Configurable up to 20 N

Adjustable according to the harness's resistant deployment forces
(ECSS margins)