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Excellence is our way to support high performance requirements.

Our industrial know-how enables us to develop highly innovative processes, optimizing costs and deadlines while integrating the constraints of the space sector.
Our extensive experience of the space sector enables us to support our customers from the development of their products and sub-assemblies to the launch pad, including production, assembly and test phases, both in our industrial infrastructures and in our clients’ premises.

Mechanical Assembly, Integration and Tests (AIT) of space technologies and sub-systems.

Mechanical Assembly, Integration and Tests (AIT) of space technologies and sub-systems.


Delivery of the last two IASI Scans

Comat was in charge of the mechanical part of the IASI-NG scan. We co-designed with AIRBUS, then we provided all justifications, managed the manufacturing, assembly and testing (MAIT) part. The first model was delivered at the beginning of 2021 and the next 2 models were delivered in September 2021.

The Euclid telescope

Comat provided support for the assembly, integration and test of the Euclid telescope. Twelve people from Comat worked on the project for three and a half years. With our specialization in scientific and telecom satellites, we are able to deploy a full team directly at customer’s facilities, sized according to the needs and complexity of the space project, comprising a group manager and integrators with expertise in all operations (mechanical, opto-mechanical, optical).

Laser welding qualification

Comat develops laser welding assembly technology within the scope of France Relance. The laser welding assembly technology allows significantly shorter production cycles using an industrial and repeatable process. One of the applications targeted by this market is the production of waveguides for telecommunications satellites. This activity will allow the French Space Agency to recognize Comat as a partner offering laser welding resources addressable to a range of products beyond RF applications.



INEPPSS Project – Integration of the module of Electric Propulsion (Plasma Jet Pack) on the Platform Small Satellite

Collaborative project of development and integration

The Occitanie Region supports the INEPPSS Program and is involved in its co-funding on the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) in the context of a call-for-proposals contract READYNOV Aerospatial and cutting-edge industries

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Project co-funded by the ERDF

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