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Designer and supplier of innovative space equipment.

Comat is an equipment manufacturer for the space sector. Located in Toulouse, in the heart of a unique technological ecosystem, we have been providing instruments and flight equipment for years. From understanding client’s needs to the exploitation of products, Comat has a solid team of highly qualified experts. With its unique industrial capacity, our design office has evolved over the years to become the digital factory of tomorrow.

Our history

The story of Comat began in 1977 with the development of instruments operating in microgravity. The first projects onboard the MIR station, FOTON, followed by the ISS international station, were engaged together with the start of a close collaboration with the European Space Agency. Thanks to the biological analysis instrument, Kubik, Comat is now a leader in microgravity equipment in Europe.

In 2008, the AGORA Industries group and its President Benoit Moulas, gave a new impulse to Comat. Joined by Ludovic Daudois in 2011, they set out to develop new capacities to better adapt to market evolutions.

The company then successfully moved into developing mechanisms for Science and Observation. To this end,  it adapted its industrial base to better answer customers’ needs by providing innovative solutions in terms of cost, reliability and deadlines.

Comat then began investing in ultra-high precision machining centers and the development of “Design to MAIT” (Manufacture Assembly Integration and Test).

Starting in 2014, Comat set off to conquer Newspace with a special effort invested in R&D. While France was just beginning to explore this topic, the company was already studying several mechanisms and concepts.

According to Comat’s managers “What is crucial in the concept of its new products is innovation and technological breakthrough”. “We develop products with elegant technologies, for perfectly controlled costs, with adapted production capacity and throughput, while remaining inflexible in terms of space performances and requirements.”






13,5 M€

Turnover (2022)

500 m²

ISO5/ISO7 clean rooms

500 m²

Manufacturing area with 5-axis machining & Metrology



At Comat's, PERFORMANCE is measured in terms of customers' overall satisfaction. With this in mind, our teams keep on striving to achieve: the highest quality when it comes to our activities, respect for deadlines, and cost control.


At Comat's, INNOVATION, which defines our corporate culture, is driven by our many talented employees. Everyday, this is reflected in the promotion of elegant solutions powered by recognized technical expertise.


At Comat's, EXCELLENCE is built on compliance with customer, legal and regulatory standards.


Promoting our ethics based on the knowledge and respect of standards and regulations, making sure of employees' fulfillment, of their safety, health, and enhancing their talents.

Our team

Photo : Benoit Moulas

Benoit Moulas


Photo : Ludovic Daudois

Ludovic Daudois


Photo : Elisabeth Calton

Elisabeth Calton

Chief Financial Officer

Photo : Nadia Lecomte

Nadia Lecomte

Communication Manager

Photo : Jean Loup Cartier

Jean Loup Cartier


Photo : Nicolas Gauvin

Nicolas Gauvin

Industrial Director

Photo : Nicolas Dolin

Nicolas Dolin

Development and Sales Director

Photo : Benoit Pagot

Benoit Pagot

QSE Manager – Security Officer

Photo : Luc Herrero

Luc Herrero

Head of BU Product

Photo : Dominique Bruno

Dominique Bruno

Head of BU Equipment

Photo : Guillaume Chastanet

Guillaume Chastanet

Head of BU Manufacturing

Photo : Virginie FREJAVILLE


Head of BU Support

Photo : Pierre Vedrenne

Pierre Vedrenne

Business Developer

Photo : Joris ZDAN

Joris ZDAN

Business Developer

Photo : Pierre CANITROT


Business Developer - International

Start up Work place

Start up work place

Comat thinks big. With this in mind, it will launch its Start-up Work Place in the coming months. In the new Comat site in Flourens, there will be a space dedicated to start-ups.

Our intention with this new addition is to promote complementarity. The new space market is characterized by projects driven by young entrepreneurs, who are looking for a heritage of space knowledge and a mature industrial organization to reach their market.

Comat proposes to make available independent areas, dedicated to start-ups where our operators, engineers and experts will share their know-how and related means, notably in our integration rooms.



We invite you to enjoy our quality environment and to be a part of our SME’s success, firmly based on a fast-growing market.