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Designed for microgravity experiments, KUBIK is a compact and highly configurable incubator/cooler, with a significant 19-years flight heritage.

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KUBIK will celebrate in 2024 its second decade in orbit. This biological incubator/cooler designed by Comat for ESA has successfully performed more than 40 experiments in the ISS. Nine models were built, and two models have been permanently in use in the ISS since 2004.

KUBIK’s compacity (length 37cm), centrifuge, operability from ground, and modular concept, make it perfectly suited to experiments on small animals, cells, tissues, bacteria, plants and algae. KUBIK has been part of the Columbus infrastructure for several years. Within the scope of the BIOREACTOR initiative, it is now open to experiments from private customers.

Key features


Temperature settable from 6°C to 38°C

Remote Control

Remote ground control of KUBIK and experiment containers via ISS MPCC

Experiment Containers

- Powered and automated experiment containers
- Wide range of flight-proven experiment units:
bacteria, plants, seeds, yeasts, animals, human cells

Modular Inserts

Designed with modular inserts (e.g. centrifuge insert)

Centrifuge Speed

Centrifuge speed settable from 0.2 g to 2 g