Great news: Our PJP boards on Vega Mission VV23



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Our nano-thruster is about to go into space! It will soon embark on the Vega VV23 mission, for a series of flight tests.

The PJP is shown here on board an ISIS Space 6U satellite.

PJP, the technology that opens up new possibilities

From telecommunications to observation missions, the Plasma Jet Pack offers a versatile solution which opens doors to new frontiers of space exploitation. It generates a controlled thrust for attitude control, station keeping and de-orbiting.

In addition to its conventional applications, we anticipate achieving in-flight formation, docking, spying, and boarding operations through precise control of momentum.

Main benefits

  • Simplicity: pulse on demand without preheating,
  • Safety: no tank, no pressurization, so no risk of explosion,
  • Compacity: one of the most compact modules in the world.

Why focus on this technology?

“We believe that the propulsion system is the technology limiting the development of applications on satellites smaller than 12U.
Currently there are no electric propulsion modules powerful enough for both orbital transfer and station-keeping. Hence, operators launch their satellites on dedicated launchers, which greatly increases the cost of orbital infrastructure.
Our aim was to offer the market a disruptive technology that is sufficiently versatile to carry out different missions.”

Luc HERRERO, Business Unit Manager – Space products at Comat.

VEGA Mission VV23: A big step for PJP development

During this mission, ISISPACE is in charge of providing demonstration (IOD) and in-orbit verification (IOV) services for European Space Agency. These tests are of direct interest to us, as they will provide us with essential data for the further development of our thruster in terms of thrust power and flexibility.

When will VEGA VV23 be launched?

The rocket will launch from Kourou on October 8 at 10:36 pm (local time), in the middle of the night French time (3:36 am). Flight to be followed for late-nighters!


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