KINEIS launch: the first 5 satellites in orbit



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Kineis has just successfully launched its constellation of IoT (Internet of Things) satellites, a first in Europe, sending up its first 5 satellites out of a planned 25. Let’s take a look at the details of this resounding success!

© Kinéis

Almost 90% of the Earth’s surface is still without terrestrial internet and mobile networks? These are known as “white zones”. The Kinéis system enables data to be transmitted in near-real time to connected objects, offering low-energy global connectivity. It focuses on areas that are essential to people, their activities and their environment, ensuring connectivity where it matters most.

Kineis sent its first 5 satellites into orbit on 20 June 2024 aboard Rocket Lab‘s ELECTRON mini launcher. The remaining satellites will be sent in batches of 5 via 4 further launches.

This innovative constellation is set to transform global connectivity, offering reliable and robust data transmission for a multitude of applications, from environmental monitoring to asset tracking. It’s the start of a new era!

This constellation is equipped with our RW40 jet wheels, perfectly suited to satellites of this weight. They provide excellent agility and a service life of 8 years.

Each component has been carefully selected and rigorously tested to extend the life of the mission.

Another technological feat on Kineis satellites is the deployable antenna patented by Comat. This unique antenna combines three essential functions in one:

  • Automatic deployment: It deploys itself once in orbit, considerably simplifying operations and enabling rapid commissioning.
  • Integrated UHF antenna: Ensures efficient data transmission across the globe.
  • Support for on-board S-band antenna: Provides robust connectivity for a range of applications, from telemetry to advanced communications.

The launch of the Kineis IoT constellation highlights the importance of collaboration and technological innovation in the space industry. With the success of the Rocket Lab launches and our expertise in space hardware, this constellation promises great things.

We’re proud to be part of this exciting adventure,
and we’ll be keeping a close eye on the next 4 launches.