Catching up on IASI



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COMAT is responsible for the mechanical part of the IASI-NG scan (with the control electronics managed by Airbus DS). We did the co-engineering with them at the start to define the design, then COMAT completed the entire justification phase (mechanical and mechanism). We have also managed all of the fabrication, assembly and testing (MAIT).

There was the 1st model (EM) to validate the performances, then a qualification model (QM) and finally three flight models.

The EM model has been delivered to Airbus DS for some time now. The QM model successfully passed all the performance and environment tests, and it is currently undergoing life time validation (test underway at the CNES for a year and a half) with 95% completed without any issues (we are thus confident for the remaining 5%, which should be completed by early September).

The FM1 model was delivered to Airbus DS in the beginning of the year, and models FM2 and FM3 will be delivered in September (acceptance tests have been successfully completed).