AU CŒUR DES ÉTOILES : Discover the hidden role of space technologies



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From the dawn of humanity, an insatiable quest for adventure and exploration has driven us forward. Today, this innate thirst for discovery reaches beyond our planet, profoundly impacting our daily lives. Space technologies permeate every aspect of our existence, often unnoticed.

To illuminate their significance, we are unveiling a series of posters in an exhibition titled “In the Heart of the Stars | Au cœur des étoiles.” This captivating showcase reveals the myriad applications of space technologies and their transformative benefits for society.

It consists of seven posters, each dedicated to a specific application of space missions. We have made the information accessible and engaging for everyone.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

In the Heart of the Stars is a temporary public exhibition.

Don’t miss it!

Date : June 17-21, 2024
Location: Parvis de la Défense, Paris

Outdoor exhibition – entirely FREE