A week at Small Satellite Conference 2023



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Our team composed of Tom Bergougnan, our marketing manager, Pierre Canitrot, one of our Business Developer and Flavien Deschaux, our Electronics and Software architect.

We’re extremely pleased with our experience at the 2023 edition of Small Satellite Conference. It was an enriching experience marked by many interactions with prospective clients who exhibited a keen interest in our products.

One of the standout features of this conference was the presence of several leading platform manufacturers. They are responsible for developing their own cutting-edge ADCS. They are in constant pursuit of top-tier space equipment to enhance the performance and precision of their systems. This is precisely where our expertise comes into play.

Our team presenting our range of reaction wheels.

Our products have earned a reputation for excellence, and durability throught intense tests. Looking for equipment to create your ADCS? Let’s check our Reaction Wheels.

Our commitment to delivering cutting-edge equipment ensures sustainability and performance.

NASA talk about it: https://www.nasa.gov/smallsat-institute/sst-soa/guidance-navigation-and-control#_Toc120697542