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The only Nanosat reaction wheel’s family formally qualified for 8 YEARS of continuous operationnal life in a space radiative environment

After an intensive sequence of analysis and tests, the COMAT reaction wheel (RW40) is now qualified for all nanosatellites having an orbital life of 8 years (or less). This is a major step for COMAT which has already delivered the first ones to an export customer.

The qualification tests sequence included sine and random vibrations (> 15 g rms), shocks, EMC, thermal vacuum cycles, and an equivalent of 8-year life tests (including 100 000 zero-crossings) in worst temperature environment. 

The first 15 RW40 have also been characterized in micro-vibrations and have demonstrated a very low level, with an excellent stability from model to model.

All the EEE parts which populated the unic PCB are rad-hard tolerant (> 20 krad) and can be procured following a lot approach with a preference for automotive components. The PCB has an IPC Class-3 quality level. The COMAT RW40 wheel is now the unic nanosat reaction wheel qualified for 8 years of operation in space, allowing a very safe mission for all the potential satellite primes.

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