June 2022

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Comat celebrates its 45th anniversary. We can rejoice at Comat's growing power, because few SMEs may claim such longevity. 

It was a bet to want to engage in research and innovation in the space sector. But we were successful and today, we are "converting the try".

We have brought out Comat as a worldwide-known space equipment manufacturer. This could only happen thanks to the teams and management who believed in the project. As a President, i've provided the means to succeed but they did it. 

Today, we can congratulate ourselves to have a panel of very high-level equipments for demanding clients. So, congratulation Comat. And may the force be with us.

- Benoit Moulas, Comat's President

Principal News

Comat's anniversary party

We had a great pleasure of meeting again our friends, partners and clients to celebrate together Comat's 45th anniversary.

Sylvestre Maurice kindly led us through the latest Mars discoveries, we attended a great Moon-devoted roundtable with Najwa Naimy, Octave de Gaulle, Sébastien Barde et Sylvestre Maurice.

All of this in the magnificent setting of the Cité de l'Espace in a friendly and a relaxed atmosphere.

Thanks to you all,  who contribute to our success.

photos ©Manuel_Huynh


New bicycle track

Let's all bike ! We waited a few years but it was worth it ! A brand-new bicycle track connects the company to Toulouse and the underground railway.


Showers and fresh drinks are available if you take this means of transportation.


They talk about us :

Comat. The space equipment's professional is jumping on the smallsat trend. 


Flourens. Successful bet for Comat. 



Comat will attend during these upcoming events:

Assises du Newspace 


7-8th ofJuly 2022


Small Satellite

Logan, USA

6 - 11th of August 2022



18 - 22nd of September 2022


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Satellite equipment technical lead

Satellite equipment project manager


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