March 2022

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Benoît Moulas, Comat's President

A new space race is on its way. In this complex international geopolitical situation, France and Europe must defend and prove to the world their excellence and the essential position of their space industries. We also need to make sure France and Europe have a sovereign access to new technological, industrial and operational capacities. 

Comat was chosen in February 2022 by the DGE as one of the 7 companies  to represent and structure the French space ecosystem. The company undertakes to connect new players with those already established. As a space equipment manufacturer, Comat is fully aware of the issues and to fullfill the mission to the best of its abilities, plans to expand its Toulouse site in 2023 to ensure a 100% French manufacturing. 

Our ability to expand  together will be the key to success. In this context of the European war that shakes up all democratic nations, the ability to access information and connexion is essential. "France and Europe must ensure their independence regarding other great powers", said Benoit Moulas, Comat's President.


Principal news

Opening of the Martian field 

Comat, partner of the Cité de l'espace and sponsor of the Martian field, had the pleasure to attend the opening of this new field.

The presence of the Perseverance rover reminds our participation as  the industrial firm that manufactured the SuperCam camera.

Project News

In the context of the spatial part of France Relance and responding to the government's will to promote the development of tomorrow's space   facilities and services, Comat is developing a set of mechanism technological bricks that optimizes costs and accelerates the marketing of deployable structures for the SmallSat. 

The program aims at qualifying these bricks, sizing tools and functional associated tests. The program covers a 2-years-duration.

Deployable structures

Project news

Comat is promoting new laser

process applications

for space. This process provides

alternative and innovative assembly

solutions, including mechanization and robotization possibilities.

Integrating this process into the

upstream development phase of

some products and equipment

significantly improves


Laser Welding

Product news


Our electric plasma engine « Plasma Jet Pack » is present on two European projects


IOD/IOV ISIS Mission funded by the European Commission

The PJP has been delivered and is currently being assembled on the ISIS platform.

We are proud to be a part of a 6U satellite platform for the IOD/IOV mission led by ISISPACE Group and the European Space Agency - ESA. We are looking forward to seeing the first pulse in space in 2022.


The U-Space Synchrocube French project, supported by the France Relance recovery plan, , will take onboard our reaction wheels and our PJP electric thruster as from 2023.

The project brings together U-Space and Syrlinks's know-how and includes many innovative technologies within a single nanosatellite 6U platform.

Product news


The first Comat reaction wheel manufacturing line

Comat launches its first Smallsat manufacturing line with its reaction wheels. The company with thus manufacture and industrialize these wheels for its customers, especially for Hemeria and the Kinéis constellation.  


Women's day celebrated at Comat's: feminisation of space jobs


Jordan Space One 

Comat was pleased to contribute to the gift to the “Stade Toulousain” rugby team. Our company provided the Bottier Toulousain (manufacturer of the shoes) with “space” materials.

Our company has designed and manufactured the "Jordan Space One" box.


They talk about us:

The French Ministry of Economy organizes a gathering of the French New Space


The Stade Toulousain orders a pair of sneakers bearing the image of Thomas Pesquet


Space. From Toulouse, Comat occupies (all) space


Comat will attend during these upcoming events :


37th Space Symposium

4-7th of April 2022

4S Symposium

16-20th of May 2022



19-23rd of June 2022


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